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Paestum – Cilento

Cilento is a wonderful area of Campania, a land made up of rolling hills dotted with olive trees that are reflected in the Tyrrhenian Sea. Always a crossroads of peoples and a treasure chest of ancient traditions, its territory is rich in chestnut and holm oak woods, streams and villages overlooking the sea or perched on the rocks. Cilento is the stretch of the Campania coast between the Gulf of Salerno and the Gulf of Policastro.An ancient land, Cilento is an authentic treasure chest, divided between splendid minds (the Southern Dolomites, with six peaks exceeding 1,700 meters dotted with small, very ancient villages, perched like nativity scenes) and a coast that alternates beaches of very fine sand (many of which are indicated as "Blue Flags" for the cleanliness of the water), cliffs, promontories and caves carved into the rock. Due to its splendid nature, since 1991 Cilento has become a protected natural oasis (National Park of Cilento and Vallo di Diano), included …

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Pienza – Tuscany

We are in Val d'Orcia, in southern Tuscany, a few kilometers from both Montalcino and Montepulciano. Here is the village of Pienza, a postcard wonder that unfolds among breathtaking views and rolling hills.

Today known throughout the world for its beauty, Pienza has a fairly recent history. In fact, the town was nothing more than a small village called Corsignano until 1462 when Pope Pius II decided to rebuild the place where he was born. But let's look at the story calmly.

Enea Silvio Piccolomini was born in Corsignano in 1405 and became pope at the age of 53 with the name of Pope Pius II. During a journey to Mantua the now pontiff found himself once again crossing the place where he was born and was greatly surprised by the degradation he found, so much so that he decided to have the village rebuilt or rather, he thought it best to have an ideal city built. The project was entrusted to the architect Bernardo Rossellino. The construction lasted abou…

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Montalcino – Tuscany

We are in Tuscany, in the Val d'Orcia. Here among cypresses, olive trees and sunny hills stands a medieval village, among the most suggestive and evocative of Tuscany. We are in Montalcino, a fortress with its perched houses and its stone walls where even today you can breathe the air of ladies and knights.In 1840 Clemente Santi founded the "Tenuta Il Greppo" two kilometers south of the city of Montalcino, on a hill with steep and steep sides from which the name "Il Greppo" derives, which means "barren and steep side of a mountain or hill.”Here Clemente began cultivating a particular type of Sangiovese, Sangiovese Grosso, later baptized "brown" and then "brunello" due to its dark and intense color.Why visit Montalcino? Because it is a village set in the magnificent Tuscan countryside, rich in history and art and where the absolute protagonists are good food and good wine: Montalcino is, in fact, the home of the famous Brunello, one of the best wines in the world.

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