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Càorle is an Italian town in the metropolitan city of Venice in Veneto, located between the mouths of the Livenza and Lemene rivers, overlooking the Adriatic Sea north east of the Venice Lagoon between the tourist resorts of Eraclea and Bibione. Caorle is a picturesque village overlooking the Adriatic Sea and at the same time a seaside and tourist resort at the forefront of welcoming travelers (over 4 and a half million visitors per year) .Caorle (from the Latin Caprulae, small goats) is a treasure chest that contains many treasures and it is no coincidence that it has been included among the Historic Maritime Villages – Jewels of Italy (at the IAT Office in Rio Terrà tel +39 0421 81085, in the center, you can find an information point dedicated to the Villages of Veneto) .
The history of Caorle also exerts great power of attraction on travelers. Between walks in the open air and visits to the museums and monuments that embellish the village, it seems to take a journey back in time: from the first settlement of the Middle-Recent Bronze Age through the Roman era (13 miles from the coast on the seabed lies a Roman cargo ship!), with the city connected to the sea by the river Reatinum (the current Lemene) which flowed into Caorle, at the arrival of the Barbarians (with the population who took refuge on the islands to defend themselves lagoon) and the consequent decline of the Roman Empire. From the seventh century Caorle became a bishopric and saw 57 bishops uninterruptedly!
The history of Caorle is closely linked to that of the Serenissima Republic of Venice until the advent of Napoleon. Subsequently Caorle, like Venice, passed to the Habsburgs until 1866 when the Kingdom of Italy was proclaimed.

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