Diano Marina Liguria Italy

Diano Marina has very ancient origins probably dating back to the upper Paleolithic. Around 200 BC the Roman Empire built a settlement here which had among its prerogatives the cult of the goddess Diana. According to some, the name of today’s town derives from the name of the divinity. Over the course of history, the latter has been part of the Republic of Genoa and also of the Kingdom of Sardinia. In 1887, the town experienced one of the most difficult moments in its centuries-old history.
In recent years, tourism has become the main economic resource for Diano, not only in the summer but also in spring, thanks to its mild climate. Furthermore, the developed agricultural activity of its hinterland, rich in typical crops, numerous greenhouses dedicated in particular to basil, tomatoes and flowers, should not be overlooked. Of primary importance is the cultivation of olive trees and the production of oil, of a quality recognized throughout the world by “Taggiasca” olive oil, thanks to the numerous mills in the area. Palaces and villas of great historical value are: Palazzo del Parco and Villa Scarsella.

About Diano Marina: https://www.ligurianautica.com/localita/diano-marina/

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