Suvereto Tuscany

Suvereto can be reached from the sea, along the Aurelia along the Etruscan Coast and turning inland at Piombino and Venturina. But its culture and traditions are all rural, while the landscape you encounter is already that of the Tuscan hills, albeit with the indelible traces of the Maremma environment, of the unstable and fascinating balance between man and nature.
Suvereto is a suggestive medieval village, still today surrounded by walls, a few steps from the Etruscan city of Populonia, in Tuscany.
A center with a particularly mild climate, it is situated on the gentle slopes that rise from the valley of the Cornia river towards the metalliferous hills; from these first hills you can see the Tyrrhenian Sea, the Gulf of Follonica and the Island of Elba. Val di Cornia also offers numerous wines produced by local farms.

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