Castiglione della Pescaia – Tuscany coast

The municipal territory extends from the coasts of the Tyrrhenian Sea, where it also includes the islet of the Sparviero and the Scogli Porchetti, up to the south-western and southern offshoots of the hilly chain that from Poggio Ballone reaches Poggio Petriccio and which forms the southern appendix of the Metalliferous Hills of Grosseto. Between the coast and the hilly area there is a vast flat area of ​​the Grosseto Maremma, partially affected by a marshy area, totally included in the Diaccia Botrona nature reserve. The coast is mainly low and sandy, except for the small promontory of Punta Capezzolo, which divides the town of Castiglione della Pescaia from the locality of Riva del Sole, and for the entire area of ​​the promontory of Punta Ala, both of which have high and steep.
The municipal territory borders to the north with the municipalities of Scarlino and Gavorrano, to the east and south-east with the municipality of Grosseto, while to the west and south it is bathed by the waters of the Tyrrhenian Sea.
The seaside resorts extend around sea level or at slightly higher altitudes, while in the hinterland there are 184 meters above sea level. of Buriano, the 335 meters above sea level of Vetulonia, while higher altitudes are recorded in the hamlet of Tirli and its surroundings.
The climate is Mediterranean along the coast, although it is partially affected by the proximity of the reliefs of the hilly massif of Poggio Ballone which rises to the north of the coast.

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