Messina – Sicily

Strait that bears its name and from which numerous cruise ships pass through. The origins date back to 750 BC. when the Greek colonists coming from Chalcis founded it with the name of Zancle (from the Greek sickle for the arched shape of its port). It was not until the conquest of Sicily by the Romans that Messana was proclaimed free and an ally of Rome. Cicero defined it as a very large and very rich city. An important cultural and commercial center, Messina is the gateway for travelers heading to Sicily. You cannot miss a visit to the Cathedral of Norman origin, which houses the second largest organ in Italy, and the most complex and largest mechanical astronomical clock in the world. The seat of the university, founded in 1548 by Saint Ignatius of Loyola, is also worth a stop. The province welcomes the beautiful Taormina, famous for its characteristic pedestrian streets, archaeological sites and breathtaking views. The natural terrace located on Mount Tauro, 206 meters above sea level, offers a unique view of the Mediterranean. The village is home to the Greek Theatre, the second largest theater in the entire region. Treat yourself to a few hours of relaxation on the beach overlooking Isola Bella, a charming islet that has become the very symbol of Taormina. If you are in the area, you cannot miss a visit to the villages of Novara di Sicilia, Tindari and Milazzo. The latter is also famous for the Piscina di Venere, a paradise for snorkelling lovers, from which you can easily reach Lipari, Vulcano or Stromboli.