Gargano – Puglia

The Gargano is a mountainous promontory that extends in the northernmost part of the Puglia region, in those territories that were once known as “ancient Daunia”. This area contains the Gargano National Park which presents itself as the ideal destination for a trip that can satisfy numerous interests. In its territory, in fact, in addition to hosting beautiful seaside resorts such as Mattinata, Peschici, Rodi Garganico, Manfredonia, Vieste, there are also magnificent villages with a thousand-year history such as Ischitella, Vico del Gargano and Lesina. The Marine Protected Area of the Tremiti Islands and the beautiful Umbra Forest are also part of the Park. This enormous diversity of environments, which is difficult to find in other locations, makes the Gargano a truly unique and special place which is the ideal destination for a trip dedicated to nature, history and relaxation. The territory of the Gargano National Park falls within the province of Foggia and currently includes 18 municipalities.
The Gargano is an area of Puglia that is home to some of the most beautiful beaches on the coast and numerous cities of enormous historical interest. Among the stops not to be missed there is certainly the city of Vieste, known as “the Pearl of the Gargano”, a location that conquers everyone not only for its splendid beaches but also for its historical and architectural heritage. Like other towns on the Apulian coast, Vieste is also made up of an older village that stands on a rocky hill and a marina that was created towards the end of the nineteenth century along the coast. The discovery of the Gargano also passes through small towns rich in history and traditions such as Mattinata, Manfredonia, Lucera and Rocchetta Sant’Antonio, whose historic centers are often true open-air museums.
For the clarity of the water, many beaches have received the Blue Flag title, while the seabed attracts diving enthusiasts. Among the stops not to be missed there is certainly the Baia delle Zagare, a small beach in the Mattinata area which is nestled between high cliffs and hosts two splendid sea stacks in the sea. Other splendid beaches are the suggestive Spiaggia di Pizzomunno (Vieste) which is characterized by its golden sand and crystal clear sea, and the Bay of Vignanotica, an inlet characterized by sand and gravel which is nestled between the walls of a cliff covered with lush nature. In the Peschici area there are two beaches that you absolutely must visit: Manaccora Beach and Baia Zaiana. Manaccora is particularly famous for its fine, soft sand and the wonderful naturalistic context in which it is located. The Bay of Zaiana, on the other hand, is an inlet set between high rocky walls that hides a blue sea. Finally, it must be remembered that the Gargano National Park also includes the beautiful Tremiti Islands which are a true natural paradise.

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