Messina – Sicily

Strait that bears its name and from which numerous cruise ships pass through. The origins date back to 750 BC. when the Greek colonists coming from Chalcis founded it with the name of Zancle (from the Greek sickle for the arched shape of its port). It was not until the conquest of Sicily by the Romans that Messana was proclaimed free and an ally of Rome. Cicero defined it as a very large and very rich city. An important cultural and commercial center, Messina is the gateway for travelers heading to Sicily. You cannot miss a visit to the Cathedral of Norman origin, which houses the second largest organ in Italy, and the most complex and largest mechanical astronomical clock in the world. The seat of the university, founded in 1548 by Saint Ignatius of Loyola, is also worth a stop. The province welcomes the beautiful Taormina, famous for its characteristic pedestrian streets, archaeological sites and breathtaking views. The natural terrace located on Mount Tauro, 206 mete…

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Palazzolo della Stella

Palazzolo della Stella is a town in Friuli Venezia Giulia and takes its name from the river that crosses it, quiet and close to the sea,but full of opportunities for cultural and food and wine excursions, its proximity to the sea but in the open countryside makes it aideal for spending a few days of relaxation and with the possibility of joining guided tours. In the surroundings very close Villa Manin,and many other places and sites of great interest. It is also possible to rent a boat, visit the nearby Udine, San Daniele del Friuliwhere the famous ham is made, in short, a really interesting holiday.

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Arezzo is an Italian city in eastern Tuscany. The Cathedral of Arezzo, on the top of the hill where the city stands, has painted vaulted ceilings and houses a 15th century fresco by Piero della Francesca depicting Mary Magdalene. In the chapel of the nearby Basilica of San Francesco there are other frescoes by Piero della Francesca. The Basilica of San Domenico houses the Crucifix of Santa Croce, painted by Cimabue in the thirteenth century. The imposing Medici Fortress offers a splendid view over the city. In Arezzo the house of Francesco Petrarca. The city today is also famous for its gold processing.

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Piancavallo Sky Area and Summer

Piancavallo is a beautiful town in Friuli Venezia Giulia close to the plain that divide from the sea of ​​Lignano Sabbiadoro, Grado and other renowned tourist destinations in the Veneto region, a ski resort of a certain importance was created here in relatively recent times with about 25 km of slopes. From Piancavallo you can indeed enjoy the view to the sea, it is characterized as a tourist center with a sporting vocation, where even those who do not ski can find space for their favorite sport: ice skating, freestyle, orienteering, snowboarding. The offer is also complete for the summer, when you can choose between relaxing walks or challenging mountaineering climbs, without forgetting horse riding, cycling, mountain biking, tennis, hang gliding and paragliding. It is also easily accessible from Venice. More info about Piancavallo:
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Folgarida Sky Area

Folgarida, located at 1,270 m asl, is ideal for those who love winter sports in the open air and for those who want to relax in the mountains. A total of 120 km of slopes awaits you in the Folgarida-Marilleva and Madonna di Campiglio ski areas - skiing between the Brenta Dolomites and the Ortles-Cevedale group is a real pleasure. In addition, in the summer there are countless possibilities for sports, relaxation and contact with nature.

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Nord Sardinia Castelsardo

Castelsardo - Sardinia

Sardinia is a large Italian island located in the Mediterranean Sea and characterized by about 2000 km of coastline, sandy beaches and a mountainous hinterland crossed by hiking trails. Its jagged landscape is dotted with thousands of nuraghi, mysterious stone ruins with a beehive shape, built in the Bronze Age. One of the largest and oldest nuraghi is the Su Nuraxi di Barumini, which dates back to 1500 BC. Castelsardo. Considered one of the most beautiful villages in Sardinia and Italy. Directly on the sea it is dominated by the castle which - still intact for over 1000 years - stands in defense of its low houses and the historic center that rises right on its slopes. It enjoys an ideal location because it is within easy reach of the most beautiful main tourist sites in Sardinia. About 50 minutes by car from the fishing village of Stintino and the famous La Pelosa beach. A few km from the airport of Alghero.

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Firenze – Florence

Florence, the capital of Tuscany, is home to many masterpieces of Renaissance art and architecture. One of the most famous places is the Duomo, the cathedral with a tiled dome designed by Brunelleschi and Giotto's bell tower. The Accademia Gallery exhibits Michelangelo's David sculpture while in the Uffizi Gallery there are The Birth of Venus by Botticelli and the Annunciation by Leonardo da Vinci. A city that has maintained its charm and splendor of the past unchanged. This is how Florence, the capital of Tuscany, presents itself. An enchanting city that never ceases to surprise, with its masterpieces of art, the colored marbles of the churches and the architecture that evoke its splendor and the role it played in the development of Renaissance culture and art.

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Milano Italy

Milan, the Lombard capital that amazes for the emotions it can give, is a cultured, modern, lively city, rich in beauty and artistic works.The Duomo, with its bright Candoglia marble facade and late Gothic architecture, is the symbol of this northern Italian metropolis. From its top, stopping at the foot of the famous Madonnina, you can enjoy a unique view over the whole city. In the heart of the city stands the Palazzo Reale, former seat of the Municipality of Milan, today numerous and important art exhibitions are set up in its historic rooms. The building is flanked by the ultra-modern Museo del Novecento, which houses works from the 20th century. Nearby there is another symbol of the city: the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II, a cross, pedestrian and covered passage, which houses historic restaurants, bars and trendy shops. Famous for its mosaic floors and the windows that serve as a roof. Milan is among the 10 metropolises with the best reputation in the world. This w…

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Diano Marina Liguria Italy

Diano Marina has very ancient origins probably dating back to the upper Paleolithic. Around 200 BC the Roman Empire built a settlement here which had among its prerogatives the cult of the goddess Diana. According to some, the name of today's town derives from the name of the divinity. Over the course of history, the latter has been part of the Republic of Genoa and also of the Kingdom of Sardinia. In 1887, the town experienced one of the most difficult moments in its centuries-old history.In recent years, tourism has become the main economic resource for Diano, not only in the summer but also in spring, thanks to its mild climate. Furthermore, the developed agricultural activity of its hinterland, rich in typical crops, numerous greenhouses dedicated in particular to basil, tomatoes and flowers, should not be overlooked. Of primary importance is the cultivation of olive trees and the production of oil, of a quality recognized throughout the world by "Taggiasca" olive o…

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Caorle near Venice

Caorle beach

Càorle is an Italian town in the metropolitan city of Venice in Veneto, located between the mouths of the Livenza and Lemene rivers, overlooking the Adriatic Sea north east of the Venice Lagoon between the tourist resorts of Eraclea and Bibione. Caorle is a picturesque village overlooking the Adriatic Sea and at the same time a seaside and tourist resort at the forefront of welcoming travelers (over 4 and a half million visitors per year) .Caorle (from the Latin Caprulae, small goats) is a treasure chest that contains many treasures and it is no coincidence that it has been included among the Historic Maritime Villages - Jewels of Italy (at the IAT Office in Rio Terrà tel +39 0421 81085, in the center, you can find an information point dedicated to the Villages of Veneto) .The history of Caorle also exerts great power of attraction on travelers. Between walks in the open air and visits to the museums and monuments that embellish the village, it seems to take…

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