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This advice is only to help italian customers (Owners) with their ADS

You can request more information or customizations for your ads, we can work alongside one of our experts to evaluate together the best option for you. Before placing an ad it is essential to download the instructions from the menu page: Instructions IT
There are also other aspects, for your presence on our portal, that we could illustrate to you.
This portal was created by experts in the Hospitality sector, so we know the subject very well, even a simple exchange of ideas could improve the presence and your search for a potential customer, which is what HFS proposes with the exclusively dedicated portal to announcements for the Hospitality sector, in fact the HFS offer is focused only on accommodation facilities of all sizes, conditions, positions, etc. and it is therefore not a generalist portal, here the concentration of the potential customer is not distracted by other types of ads that are not relevant to his research. Furthermore, through a specific request, we ourselves can help or support him in the research, and follow him in one or more phases of the acquisition, as we can do with you upon specific request. For advertisements there are free and paid ads, you will find all the options while placing your ad, nothing more simple, immediate and intuitive. However, if you need support for your every need, as mentioned above, do not hesitate to contact us by filling out the form below. Good job.